We accept most furniture, rugs, art, home décor, and other unique pieces. Condition and style are the #1 deciding factor when accepting items on consignment. Please understand our quality guidelines. This will assure that your items will be accepted when they arrive in the store.

Upholstery and Leather Furniture:
1. Free of noticeable rips, stains, tears.
2. Free of major discoloration from sunlight or inconsistency of fabric.
3. Smoke-free/odor free/pet hair free.
4. Cushions should have little to no indication of sagging or lack of support.

Hard Goods (Tables, Bookcases, Bedroom furniture, etc.):
1. Free of watermarks or discoloration.
2. Free of major scratches, chips, or other noticeable flaws.
3. No broken or missing hardware pieces. Drawers and doors must operate properly.
4. Hardware for items that are not pre-assembled must be in a plastic sealed bag and labeled appropriately.
5. Stable construction.

We reserve the right to decline any items that do not meet the quality standards. We may charge a $25.00 cleaning fee for items that require cleaning to sell.


Attractive pieces that would fit in the home include:

Tables (all kinds)
Chairs, Barstools
Sofas, Loveseats, Sectionals
Chests, Trunks
Bookcases, Etageres
Plant Stands
Home Decor
Decorative Accessories
Vintage Items
Framed Artwork, Mirrors
Table Linens
Planters, Vases, Pottery
Fireplace Accessories
Seasonal Items

Not Accepted

Mattresses, Bedding/Bath Linens (unless new, unused, unopened)TV Armories
Tube TVs
Pool Tables
Infants Furniture, Accessories
Toys, Games (unless vintage)
Sports/Camping Equipment
Small Appliances
Electronics, Cameras, Computers
Unframed Artwork, Posters
Exercise Equipment
Pet supplies
Personal/Medical Supplies
Paperback Books
Souvenir Items
Videos, Tapes, CDs, Records
Building Materials, Hardware
Candles (unless new, unused, unopened)
Plastic Floral, Greenery
Power Tools
Garage Sale Items


We are often unable to accept glass top dining, coffee, and end tables, but you may send us a photo for final determination.

Why items are not accepted…

Please do not be offended if we do not accept all your items. Experience has shown what will and won’t sell, especially in a rural area like Steamboat Springs. We may not accept items housed in a smoking or pet environment. We retain the right to decline items for consignment based on current inventory levels, your asking price, condition, or past experience.

You will receive 50% of the sold price. In addition, each item will have a small fee starting at $.50 paid by the buyer.

Checks are cut upon request, so please call ahead to have a check available for pick or to have it mailed to you. If you use your funds in the store they are worth an additional 8%. Unclaimed funds from inactive accounts will be forfeited 365 after your item expires. Inactive accounts are when no further consignments, payments, or purchases have been made during that time.

For large items please email photos to: steamboatmoxie01@gmail.com or visit the store. Please note condition and any issues so that we can properly determine if your item has a good chance of selling. Please vacuum and clean prior to arrival. For smaller items, you may bring them into the store during our normal business hours for review.

It all starts with a picture! Simply email a photo of furniture items to steamboatmoxie01@gmail.com or stop by the store and we will evaluate whether it is something we think we can sell. Include any information you may know about your items, such as, manufacturer, age, or any unique stories. Please note any damage to the furniture or accessory.

About 6 weeks before major holidays, we will start accepting decorations and holiday items. Seasonal items that do not sell need to be picked up within a week after the holiday. If not reclaimed within two weeks after the holiday, they will be donated to charity.

As you prepare to bring your furniture consignment items to the Moxie, ask yourself; “Would I buy it in its current condition?” If not, take a minute to dust, polish, clean, or vacuum your item. We may not accept items that are not adequately prepared for sale – and if we do, we may charge a handling fee to clean, polish, touch-up, or repair your consignment. Attention to detail will make the difference in how well an item looks and sells. Remember, the key to a profitable sale is quality and presentation!

In certain cases, direct buy-out of your quality used furniture is an option if the items are in great condition and sold in-bulk . If you prefer to go this route, please contact us to schedule a preview of your item.

Please call 970-879-9866 to talk to a helpful team member so we can review various options, which might include a home visit.

Consignors may choose to place their furniture items on a charity account and when the item sells, proceeds are donated to a local charity. We work with many local charities. Receipts will be made available to the consignor, just as the consignor’s check, available for pick-up at the shop after the 15th of the month following the sale.

Moxie is open Monday thru Saturday 10am – 5pm and Sundays 10am – 4pm. You are welcome to bring your potential consignments in at anytime. However, if your item is heavy and requires an additional person (beside yourself) to carry it into the store we ask that you call first and make sure that someone is available to help you. If you need to have furniture removed immediately, please call and we will do what we can to assist.

As an added service, consignors may monitor their account and inventory online via the “Consignor Log-in” button on our website. Or just stop in the store and we can give you a print out of what has sold.

We maintain consignor contracts for 75 days. This results in a constant turnover of quality home decor, promoting high repeat shopper traffic.

To properly price your item we take the following into consideration; overall condition, style, brand name, age, original cost, and the current market demand. We cannot guarantee that an item will sell, or will sell for a certain price so if you have any expectations about pricing please discuss with us prior to consignment. Photos can only tell us some characteristics of an item, so we are unable to price items until we see them in person. If requested we can provide a price range based on what similar items have sold for.

Our new consignment period is 75 days. Markdowns will occur every 15 days starting on the 16th day of the consignment period. The first 3 markdowns will be at 15% and the final markdown will be 5%. Based on past sales data we believe this new pricing and drop down structure will result in a higher sales price for you and great value for our customers.

We are partners with you on a 50/50 basis. You’ll receive half of the selling price and we retain the other half for our efforts in selling and displaying your belongings. We’re here to work for you. We operate seven days a week to sell your home furnishings. We display your consigned items in attractive, well-lit, eye-catching settings and advertise the store location and hours using several media venues. We have a great website that allows thousands of interested buyers to preview what’s in our showroom daily. We market items through social networks. We accept all major credit cards. In addition, our staff is great at assisting buyers with their decorating needs. MOXIE does all it can to get your item sold at a fair price.

There are no hidden fees!
1. Items picked up before the 75-day contract will be subject to a handling charge of $25 or 25% of selling price, whichever is greater.
2. Delivery and pick-up fees as described in a previous FAQ.

As a service to our consignors we do offer pick-up. There is fee associated with a pick-up that depends on your location and other parameters. We offer our pick-up service 1 day a week and weather dependent. Please contact Moxie at 970-979-9866 to discuss this option with a team member.